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with a past where to be 'touched' meant to be 'mental'

Sensitive, seldom, and sad.

The Young Ones Mood Theme by crackified
androgyny, anglophilia, arrested development, art brut, atheism, atom and his package, autumn, black books, books, bottle rocket, british comedy, cereal, charity shop chic, christopher guest, clean sheets, cobblestones, cold pillows, comic books, coronation street, dancing alone, david cross, dead kennedys, doctor who, douglas adams, dylan moran, e.m. forster, eddie izzard, edith piaf, emo philips, england, feckless dykling, flossing, friendly hostility, garth marenghi, geeks, gentleman reg, girls who wear glasses, girly-boys, gormenghast, gray skies, green wing, harold and maude, hawksley workman, hedwig, hugh laurie, invader zim, jarvis cocker, jeeves and wooster, jeff buckley, john southworth, johnny the homicidal maniac, kids in the hall, kimya dawson, lenore, leonard cohen, lesbians, licorice, long bus rides, loud music, lousy poetry, love & rockets, m.ward, manchester, mark heap, maxïmo park, mayor mcca, mental illness, mervyn peake, misanthropy, mixtapes, monty python, morrissey, mr. show, neil gaiman, nerds, new socks, nick cave, nick drake, oversized headphones, p.g. wodehouse, parenthetical asides, patrick wolf, perry bible fellowship, pixies, procrastination, propagandhi, pulp, questionable content, quoting morrissey religiously, rain, ralph steadman, receiving mail, reckless cycling, records, rufus wainwright, rushmore, self-deprecation, sexy accents, sherlock holmes, shyness, slash fic, slender fingers, smut, solitude, something positive, soup, spaced, sparks, squee, stephen fry, stormy weather, strangers in paradise, stray bullets, sufjan stevens, tap dancing, tegan and sara, terry pratchett, the decemberists, the hidden cameras, the i.t. crowd, the jam, the la's, the libertines, the maxx, the mighty boosh, the mountain goats, the royal tenenbaums, the sandman, the simpsons, the sizzler sisters, the smiths, the weakerthans, the young ones, they might be giants, thomas hardy, thunder and lightning, tom vek, tom waits, toothpaste for dinner, trainspotting, transgender, turtling, twitch city, vegans, velvet goldmine, vinyl, wandering, wes anderson, withnail and i, zero girl